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lash extensions


We are so excited to have you at EBB! For your lash appointment please arrive makeup-free with clean lashes & comfortable clothing. Please refrain from caffeine & prepare to lay for up to 2 hours. For any other questions please reach out to one of our beauty consultants.


skin services

While we are so excited to give you glowing skin, please refrain from sun exposure, tanning creams, & facial waxing within a week of your appointment here at EBB. For more detailed appointment preparation instructions please book a consultation or give us a call.



You will love how smooth & moisturized we leave your skin here at EBB! Please arrive in comfortable clothing for your appointment.

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appointment prep

Because of the amount of time involved in this procedure, it is crucial that some things are done before your appointment:

* Please, remove all eye makeup by using a gentle, non-oil-containing cleanser. Eye makeup affects the adhesive bond and reduces how long your eyelash can last.

*  Wear clothing that you’ll be comfortable in. A blanket will be available if you feel cold.

*  Do not rub-on face creams or sunblock on the portion of the eyes that is to be treated. Many moisturizers contain oils that prevent adhesives from sticking to the natural eyelash and shorten the lifespan of the eyelash extensions.

* Do not wear mascara. Cleaning mascara takes a lot of time and makeup that is left on can obstruct the effectiveness of the extension applied.

* If you currently have eyelash extensions that were not put on by us, please schedule a removal service on your first visit. It is best to prevent the harm that comes with mixing various adhesives and materials with extensions from other lash technicians. For any additional questions before your appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to help.

What should I expect from the start through the end of the session?

On your arrival, the first thing you’ll be required to do is complete a short consent form. We’ll briefly go over your requirements and expectations for your desired look. You will lay on a soothing swivel-type treatment bed and close your eyes. Please be prepared to lay with your eyes closed for up to 2 hours. It is strictly advised that you remove all eye makeup before your appointment. If you are unable to do this before your appointment, we’ll have to start with this before the procedure begins. A small under-eye pad will be used to protect your lower lashes. Every non-natural lash will be soaked in a bonding solvent that has a medical grade quality and then applied to each eyelash. The choice of lash length and the quantity used is determined by the client’s requests, and the thickness and health of the natural lashes.

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